Magic Roll Shaper 

Impact - Operation of Magic Roll Shaper

Massage eliminates cellulite by increasing the elasticity and moisture of the skin and improving blood circulation to the skin.

Massage creates the conditions in the body for fat cells to break down.

Fat is reabsorbed into the blood, so it is imperative that we burn this fat (with exercise) during treatments and that the new food intake is smaller and healthier than usual.

Regular use of Magic Roll Shaper offers many of the same benefits as sports massage, including reduction of inflammation, injuries, scars and joints, and improved circulation and improved skin and tissue elasticity.

It also increases lymph and blood circulation, leading to re-circulation of adipose tissue.

Regular rolling before and after other sports helps to prepare the muscles for the exercise in front of you and also to recover the muscles.

 Magic Roll Shaper & Benefits

  • visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite,
  • lymphatic drainage,
  • breaks down fat cells,
  • improves muscle performance,
  • reduces pain revitalizes the body and its metabolic processes,
  • reduces the proportion of fat deposits,
  • restores skin structure,
  • accelerates muscle recovery,
  • more beautiful, firmer and toned skin,
  • better blood circulation to the skin and lymph,
  • stimulates the formation of new healthy collagen,
  • promotes the excretion of sweat and sebum, increases muscle tone,
  • relax the body helps with headaches and helps with water retention in the body, as a prevention of leg swelling,
  • remove toxins from the body,
  • recommended for anyone who sits or stands a lot, after major sports loads to reduce pain, swelling, improve wound healing.

Impact of Magic Roll Shaper

Rapid Weight Loss

Roll massage in combination with IR therapy brings rapid weight loss and fat loss. Massage causes muscle work, flushes fat out of the body and encourages the body to burn calories. The effectiveness of this weight loss device has become popular all over the world.

Body Reshaping

Reducing body fat, eliminating cellulite and strengthening muscles reshapes your physique.


The massage relaxes the muscles and prepares them for heavier efforts. Heating with IR light and friction with rollers help us achieve an additional analgetic effect.


The resistance of the blood in the arteries decreases, which helps maintain proper heart function. Under the influence of massage, blood vessels dilate and blood circulation increases.


Massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system to function by providing the organs with more oxygen and nutrients.

Congestion and swelling - oedema

Relieves the symptoms of water retention in the body, accelerates the absorption of edema, facilitates venous blood flow. It also helps to improve anti coagulation, blood and lymphatic circulation.

Cellulite Reduction and Elimination

 Massage with MRS is the most effective massage to date in reducing cellulite and eliminating excess fat. Broken fat is quickly washed out of the body. The effect is visible after a few exercises and the process lasts for another 2 months. The device is used for this purpose in fitness centers, beauty centers and Wellness & SPA.

Flexibility and elasticity of the skin 

Firms the skin - it becomes better toned and supple. Immediately after the massage, the skin becomes pink and warm. The effect is enhanced by the heat of IR therapy. 

Scars & Skin Color

With massage, scars, keloids, adhesions and bulges soften and become more flexible. The influence of IR therapy accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and the formation of collagen.


It increases the number of connections between neurons, improves the activation and translation of nerve signals.

Receptor Sensitivity 

Massage increases the sensitivity of receptors and improves superficial and deep sensations. 


Relaxing massage have a relaxing effect on the body. They allow your mind to relax and improve your mood.

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