Magic Roll Shaper

is a new way to a beautiful and slim figure. The operation of this slimming massage device is based on massaging the entire body using wooden, characteristically contoured massage rollers . The body shaping machine combines ease of use and aesthetics. The massager takes up only 1 m² and is so easy to use that there is no need to hire additional staff.


  • to home,
  • in the gym,
  • to a beauty salon,
  • for a massage parlor, where every centimeter of surface matters,
  • fitness clubs - as an accessory for devices,
  • hotels and sanatoriums.


  • low power consumption - the cost of an hour of operation of the massage device is about 0.35 grosz,
  • easy operation - no need to hire an additional person, clients operate the device themselves,
  • large target group - because the device combines slimming and health effects.


  • massage device,
  • colagen therapy,
  • stool,
  • mat,
  • infrared lamp,
  • Possibility to turn off IR,
  • poster with massage positions,
  • certificates,
  • exercise plan.